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"Rarely does LIFE offer such interesting diversions:
I'll never forget the experience. Thank you all."   

"Paths may actually cross for a reason or two." Anon


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Seeing Starz
By Beth Anne Piehl
Special Projects Editor

"When Tommy James Mannausa found himself on the set of a television series, auditioning for
a role despite never having acted professionally, he was reminded of some advice his father gave him growing up."
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Traverse City Record-Eagle

BAY HARBOR -- Bay Harbor resident Tommy James Mannausa is helping record
a new album, plus has been cast on Showtime's "Crash."
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Sarasota Herald Tribune

Moving from biz to show biz
"It's never too late to pursue the dreams of your youth.
Longboat Key resident Tommy James Mannausa has spent the majority of his adult lif
in real estate -- but his first love had little to do with building affordable rental apartments.
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Lomg Boat Key Observer

Longboat Key resident develops as an artist
December 2, 2009
Tommy James Mannausa, a part-time Longboat Key resident, is expanding
his artistic repertoire to acting and songwriting.
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"A fun experience on "Crash":
My first TV acting opportunity, started like this...

I was laying by the swimming pool at Rick and Jenda Derringers Rio Rancho residence, after a few hours of writing music.

We were all very happy and I was looking lean and tan.  Jenda said to Rick and I that Rick should take me over to the Lionsgate
Studio where the Hit TV Series Crash is being filmed.  Jenda said how handsome I looked, and Rick said, "let's go"... I waltzed
upstairs to my suite, washed my face and put on a pair of new white jeans a black t-shirt and red and brown hi-top tennis shoes,
then at the last second a hip sport coat.  We rolled north a couple of miles.  Parked, and walked into a large building where Rick
knew exactly where to go.  A lot of people, security, activity and excitement.  We entered Robert Baxter's office with Heather and Dart
working in the same office.  Rick gave a glowing introduction of my musical talents as a song writer.  I listened carefully to several
questions and answered quick and true.  This was my Lucky Day.

Photos were taken of me, then I sat in front of Mr. Baxter's desk.  He offered me a role in Eric Roberts loft offices. I said I would make
the time to perform.  He asked me to fill out paperwork and report 5 days later.  I flew back to Bay Harbor, Michigan to my residence,
gathered up clothes and flew back.

My friends in northern Michigan were very happy for me, as my eyes were clearly set on reporting back to the studio for filming.  My
arrival was met with very supported teams of professional camera operators, directors, wardrobe and more.

Filming for me started 9/5/09
Now one+ month later and 4 episodes later, I'm very excited about invites to additional auditions on other shows.  We'll see what
happens.   Been g reat so far.   More to follow about this new adventure..  I thank my new friend, Robert BB Baxter, for these acting
roles and all the fun involved with this filming industry experience. Thanks again."   TJM

UPDATE: 2/2/2010 tjm:

So I did a TV series.   Imagine that?   Great Fun.   Glad that I had the time to do.  I Did it.  I got what I  thought was decent screen time,
met some great people, have a better  understanding of the film industry; however, when it came time to see  the show, by the time
the editors change and mix the final cut, my actual  time on tv was trimmed to fit showtime restrictions. Everything shrinks for reality
of Time restraints. Still, I had a Blast.  Next time, I'll handle  the next one with that in mind.

I mean, think about it... I flew out to Rick Derringers crib in Rio Rancho, New Mexico (NW Albuquerque, the largest city in New Mexico)
to work on our music project, wrapped up, in a beautiful bow, the song, "58", and waltzed in to a casting room of Lionsgate Studios,
auditioned, landed it and during the five weeks that followed, acted side by side with Eric Roberts, thevlate great Dennis Hopper (his
actual last acting role of his story book life) and was asked to audition for a better roll, through competitive roll playing....)

Then, did a audition in a small casting room, with my long hair let down, for the hit series, Breaking Bad....(I swear, I landed that one
show part, but, in the end, I was cut....It's the longest my hair has ever been in my life, just down to my shoulders...). In any event, I
say, "give life's possibilities and experiences, that come before us all, a chance... It adds a huge piece of spice, that adds pulses to
our beating hearts..."


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