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Johnny Winter
 Tommy with Johnny Winter in his trailer before taking stage at 11:10pm  5/4/12.
 He was so kind to take a ten minute meeting. He was so so complimentary of
 the first 7 songs Rick Derringer, his long time friend and band mate. We talked
 about that experience. I asked him to listen to Ricky perform, "Bandana".   I said
 it may be our best song. He said he'd catch with up Rick on stage soon, and grab
 that one too. Johnny was cool. I'll always appreciate his kindness.
 Live & love Johnny Winter. Memphis in May, '12
Johnny Winter
 Johnny and Tommy, figuring it out...      
    CL1   Bob Baxter and I
  at Hyatt for dinner
Break meeting  
room  in studio
    cl3   Crash loft set
  between takes

Crash set of 3 stars  
taken from my mark  

    cl5   Loft office partial screen
  on  evening of shoot   9.21.09
  My Music place  
or where ever I am .
    cl7   Outside screen, cameras
  shoot from way above
Rick Derringer and   Tommy-James at  
Jemez Falls, NM  
    mm   Tommy James, Jenda
  and Rick Derringer
  at Jemez Falls
Tommy James at  
400 year old church  
on San Francisco St.  
in Sante Fe  
    cl11   Tommy James
  at 400 year old church
  in Sante Fe
Tommy's chair,  
behind Eric Roberts  
    clxx   Frank, cinematographer,   Tommy and Ross McColl
On set Jerry  
Levine, Director  
    fellow   Fellow actors in
  the Loft Office
Two stars and  
the Director of  
Episode 12  
two stars
    studio gym   In lionsgate studio gym   without sport coat getting   ready to go on set
Ross McColl holding side   arm between takes in   episode 12  
ross holding
    write music

  This is where I write music

Gibson Guitars provided me a 2008 Les Paul Red  
mahogany , satin finish guitar while Rick and I visited  
the beautiful world renowned Nashville, TN showroom  
on April, 2009.  Rick picked out the guitar and Bruno,  
Vice President of Gibson authorized the deal.   
See  photo on right.  

Hammond Organ Company through Mike Armstrong,  
Vice President of Sales provided me their newly  
introduced Hammond organ XK-3c and newly introduced  
Leslie speaker/amp, which both are integrated  
and special to travel with. These were shipped to me  
in March, 2009

My email address tmctjm@aol.com and
thru Cindy at 941.365-1511, ext 103

Thank you for communicating: Tommy James Mannausa
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